Two mysteries worth reading

I’ve mentioned these authors before, but I’ve read one more book by each and enjoyed them.  So I’m sharing them with you.

  1.  Mark Pryor, The Reluctant Matador features Pryor’s detective Hugo Maraton, a former CIA agent now working as head of security at the American Embassy in Paris.  This book takes place mainly in Barcelona (which alone is worth the read) and features the regular characters, Maraton’s friend and accomplice, Tom Green and his beautiful (aren’t they all), talented journalist girl friend, Claudia.  Written with self-deprecating humour as well as an expertly devised plot that will keep you guessing from the first page, Matador follows Maraton’s search for the daughter of an old friend who has disappeared into the seamy side of Barcelona’s sex trade.  Is it human trafficking for sex or for body parts or is there something else behind the disappearance?  The reader is kept guessing until the last chapter.
  2. Anthony Bidulka, Aloha Candy Hearts, features the author’s gay detective, Saskatoon’s very own Russell Quant as he follows a treasure hunt map that he hopes will explain the death of his seat mate on a flight from Vancouver to Saskatoon.  It’s an involved story with red-herrings and a couple of more victims, and nothing too violent for those with sensitivities in that area.  There are the usual colourful characters and gay wedding that is almost ruined by a violent summer prairie storm.  Lots of local colour (who knew that Saskatoon was so colourful – I’ll have to go there) with lots of good eating and a lot of humour along the way.  There’s some great insights into the meaning of love and life as well as the suspense of solving the mystery both of the murders and the treasure hunt.