Another interesting book

Tapas on the Ramblas.  As if the title isn’t intriguing enough, the story line, settings and plot intricacies will have you turning the pages.  I think this is the first of Saskatoon writer Anthony Bidulka’s Russell Quant mysteries although I’ve read three others, but out of order.  Having been to Barcelona and tasted tapas on the Ramblas (Barcelona’s main pedestrian thoroughfare) I was intrigued from the very start.  Quant is the gay former policeman, now a private detective working out of Saskatoon.  The previous stories centred around Quant’s adventures in and around Saskatoon, interesting enough, but this time Bidulka takes us on a Mediterranean cruise while the detective tries to solve who is it that is attempting to murder businesswoman and (hated?) family matriarch Charity Wiser.  Besides the regular interesting characters this time members of the Wiser family (there’s a family tree at the start of the novel to help you keep them straight – and they’re not all straight by any means) create a wealth of interesting and amusing characters.  Bidulka writes with not only a keen eye for setting, but a truly enjoyable if rather camp sense of humour.  And of course, the ending will surprise most readers.


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