I no longer write letters to the editor

The Star seems to have terminated our relationship without actually letting me know.  I mean, no Dear John letter (well, my name isn’t John, but you know what I mean).  No kiss goodbye, not even a hand shake.  For the past several months I have been writing assiduously about my favorite topics.  Nothing, nada, appears.  Oh well, I don’t really care because I was just ranting and getting things off my chest.  Now I have this blog and I do hope some people will read it.  I guess as long as I read that’s all that counts because really, when I rant it releases the pressure just like the release valve on my Instant Pot!  LOL

Anyway, today what’s got me going are two articles in The Star.  Linda McQuaig writes about “creeping privatization” in the medical area.  We all know that Medicare does not cover everything.  In the last year, Elandro (my spouse) has developed an eye problem which makes his eyes very sensitive to light.  He had an operation last April which was covered by a special grant to the doctor because of a study that she’s involved in.  The first estimate was that it would cost $ 1 500.  He has no insurance and anyway, if he were covered by my insurance it would only cover up to $ 200 every two years!  Big deal.  He has to have lenses inserted and that’s been a problem because of the special conditions of his eyes.  Getting these lenses has cost $ 1500.  No insurance – state funded or otherwise.  Plus he will need glasses and we all know what that means.  And let’s not start on dentistry.  (And Elandro is only in his mid-thirties.  Well at least my home care when I will need it is covered!  Although he says not!  LOL)  As a senior I am supposedly covered for drugs – I mean the prescription type.  But every year I fork over $ 100 or so and then I’m nickeled and dimed by the pharmacy to fill a prescription that the government pays for – if it is on the list.  On the other hand, when our family needed hospital care or an operation, it was free – well at least paid for through our taxes.  We are better off than some others.  But of course, the big problem is funding!  Imagine, in a country as rich as Canada, there is a problem with funding things as fundamental as health care.  Well, there is a problem with funding adequate housing, heating, even proper nutrition, infrastructure.  No money they tell us.  But if you could see the multi-million dollar homes that are  being put up in my little (formerly) middle and working class neighborhood, you might not be out of place if you questioned the idea that there isn’t enough money to go around.  I have railed about this inequality for years now and I think this might be the reason The Star has stopped publishing my letters.  Big loss to them.  So now I’m giving them free advertising by referring to articles I read there.  I don’t mind.  It gives me an outlet for the steam building up in the Instant Pot that is my brain.

Happy holidays all.



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