Tried the Instant Pot – did it work?

Well, I tried making a lasagna in my new kitchen toy but instead of using lasagna noodles which I can’t break to fit into the pot, I used curly macaroni pasta.  I followed the instructions, layering the noodles with sauce, cheese and meat all in a spring form pan.  I poured water (1.5 cups as directed) into the outer pan, inserted the spring form and then went to switch it on.  But the instructions didn’t say which button to push – just to use HP (high pressure).  So I pushed the meat/stew button and it seemed to take forever for the steam to come on.  Then I couldn’t adjust the timing.  The recipe called for 20  mins.  It was on for 30.  When it finally came out, the noodles were still raw.  So I put it in the oven (kind of defeating the whole purpose of the Instant Pot) at 350 for another 20 minutes.  The noodles were still too hard, so covered it up again and put it in for another 20 minutes.  I could have made a proper lasagna by this time.  Anyway I finally had had enough.  It tasted good, except that some of the noodles were a bit crunchy – just those around the edges.  I did something wrong and I’ll try again.  I’m not going to let a little bit of kitchen technology defeat me.

I’m getting ready for the holidays.  I’m going to make Rainbow Veggie Latkes for Hanukah.  I wanted to make a stuffed turkey breast or a roast ham for Christmas, but couldn’t find what I wanted at Fortinos, so I settled for a whole chicken which I will stuff with a chestnut stuffing.  Lots of other things to plan to cook – don’t know if I’ll use the Instant Pot again this week.  I’ll write about it if I do.



1 thought on “Tried the Instant Pot – did it work?

  1. Hope Richards

    LOL! Stephen this was not a good day for lasagna! I was making some today as well and decided to try the noodles which do not need pre-cooking. I usually cook the old fashioned kind due to some bad experience long ago. But today I was hoping for speed. I was getting a little nervous about having enough sauce and liquid so decided to supplement (my extra pan—to use all the ricotta I had) with some leftover chile con carne I had in the fridge. Then, with intentions of moving the smaller portion of chile to a different container, I lifted its jar by the lid—which was not on tightly. Yikes! Chile all over the floor, cupboard doors, my clothes and shoes! (And I had just washed the kitchen floor—a rare event—a few days ago.) So much for speeding up the process! Cleaning and cooking are now done for the day….and I think I am entitled to an extra glass of wine tonight!

    Happy Holidays! It is an interesting coincidence of celebrations (and menus) this year. I understand Christmas and Hanukkah occur together about every 1/4 century.

    Hugs, Hope




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