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Books, writing, recipes and some political view.

Source: Books, writing, recipes and some political view.


A couple of books that are a must

Kevin and Alex Newman, All Out.  Written in alternative chapters by the father (Kevin) and son (Alex) team without reading what the other has written until just before publication, All Out is the story of how Alex came out as gay to his parents and how media newsman Kevin came out as not as secure in life as he appeared to his family.  But the book is about much more than a parent dealing with a gay son and a gay son over coming his feelings of inadequacy.  This is a book that all parents need to read.  How do you know your child?  How do you let go of your own inadequacies and deal with your own self-esteem while parenting a child who is trying to be his own person.

Eli Gottlieb, Best Boy.  The narrator of this novel is Todd Aaron, a 50 something autistic man living in a therapeutic environment known as the Payton LivingCentre.  While the syntax and diction are fitting considering the narrator’s disabilities, Todd offers insights that are both humourous and emotionally stirring while he surveys the world and people around him.  The story is really Todd’s search for meaning and relationships and offers insights into the world of autism that for the most part most of us simply do not get.

Martha Stewart’s Appetizers.  While offering the inevitable pictures of sumptuous foods, this cookbook also offers some interesting tips on how to make these appetizers with a little more ease.  The recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients are for the most part things that are readily available in the modern kitchen or at least easy to come by in your local supermarket. Most are fairly easy and not too time consuming  to make.  An excellent book at this time of year for yourself or for a foodie as a seasonal gift.